Food monster

So I’m doing this new thing at the office – snack-free September – in hopes that it will turn into a snack-free habit. You see, we have a kitchen of snacks at my fingertips, crap food like goldfish crackers, chips, oreos, etc. I don’t eat any of that at home, I never buy it, I never crave it. Yet the second I get to the office, even after a large breakfast, I am a snacking monster. Goldfish? I eat that by the cup full. Popchips? That bag won’t last a day with me around. I eat healthy for lunch (usually a salad) and then somehow I feel like that gives me free reign to liberally devour savory snacks all day. I don’t know if it’s the boredom, the repetitive nature of my desk job, or the mere fact that  food is a couple of feet away from me, that I cannot stop grabbing a snack every hour. I am literally spiraling out of control.

I keep complaining that I’ve been working out hard(er) and adding in more cardio and HIIT, and walking the 1.5 miles home from work everyday and still LOOK THE SAME. My boyfriend kindly asked me to think about how much random stuff I eat all day – which I usually recount to him with a horrified “oh my god what have I done”. Sometimes I’ll know I’m pigging out and think its justified or okay because I’ll text my boyfriend and recount to him every last crumb I stuffed in my mouth. And then continue eating.

You’re probably thinking a few handfuls of goldfish here and there can’t hurt. I’m talking about filling 16oz coffee cups and slowly chowing down on it for the rest of the day, refilling as I refill my water, wondering why I’m so damn thirsty all day (beyond the excessive amount of water I already consume)!

So snack-free September it is. I also decided that I can eat whole foods as snacks (fruits, nuts, whatever) but since most of that isn’t readily available in the snack stash, it basically amounts to no snacking during the work day. Dinner if we cook at home is on the healthy side, usually a grilled protein, and roasted veggies to accompany it. If we incorporate grains it is usually quinoa, occasionally rice or a new favorite, grits! I’ve basically been sabotaging my clean (ish) diet and hard work at the gym and on the roads with junk food I don’t even enjoy. Boo.

I’m perfectly fine indulging in genuinely delicious food. Like over this Labor Day weekend, I ate succulent Beijing roast duck at supposedly one of the most authentic restaurants specializing in it in this area, waited for 2 hours for a seat at a trendy small restaurant for ramen as dinner #2, and ate plates and plates of spicy Sichuan food for an aunt’s birthday. Delicious. Too many chips at work? Not so much.

So far I have made it a work day and a half without snacking on junk food – success! How many days does it take before it becomes a habit?


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