Focus on 10K training!

An old friend and I are running the Marine Corps Marathon 10K on October 28th to join in the festivities, as the course finishes in parallel with the marathon course. This is the longest distance I have ‘raced’, and only my third road race – the first being a 5K last November, followed with an 8K a month later. After spending the Christmas/New Years holidays drinking pina coladas in Cancun and eating unlimited resort food, I was not eager to get back to moody DC winter weather, or back to running. I would waver between ultimate commitment to adding runs back into my routine – even buying barefoot running shoes that are still not broken in – and wimpering back to my couch at the slightest twinge of pain.

Then it was summer and a record breaking number of consecutive days with temperatures over 95 (and feeling like 105 with humidity) and the last thing I wanted to do was leave my air conditioned gym and slowly die trying to run mileage in the city. So run I did not.

I’ve only done a handful of runs with my friend, and maybe only one real run that did not turn into walking and gossiping! She is a crazy biker though and secretly wants to be a champion stair climber, so she has a lot of stamina and endurance built up. Conveniently, with exactly 8 weeks between the start of September and race day, she suggested that we try Hal Higdon’s 10K training program for novices. Now, I always err on the side of ‘too optimistic’ when it comes to my athletic abilities, but the few runs I do are between 4-6 miles, run on city streets with lots of comforting traffic lights allowing me to stop and catch my breath. I thought that was evidence enough that I could run a 10K no problem.

I ran about 6 miles with said friend and was a complete and utter baby by halfway through, literally begging to stop and praying for traffic lights to slow us down. I agreed to do the 10K training plan – but could not bear the thought of giving up my beloved weightlifting days and yoga days so beefed up Hal Higdon’s plan, switched up the days, and put on my calendar to start September 3rd.

So it’s September 5th and I haven’t started following it exactly yet. Monday was supposed to be 30min of cross training – I ran 4.5 miles. Yesterday was a 2.5 mile run – I did an hour of tough flow yoga. Well I guess today I was on track with my scheduled strength session, and tomorrow I will try my hardest to do 40min of cross training. Though I can’t fathom being on a machine for 40min straight and will probably break it up into 10min intervals so I won’t mentally give up before I even get to the gym.

I actually do enjoy running, despite the grumbling in my post, and Hal Higdon never lets the weekly mileage get too much above 10mpw, which is about where I’m comfortable with right now. I will be strong I will be strong I will not stray I will not stray (too far).



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