Forced Rest

So I haven’t posted in over a week because frankly, I haven’t been keeping up with either of my self mandated goals.

Snack-free-September turned into snack-a-little-less-September to just-don’t-eat-everything-oh-god-please-September. Even that last desperate cry has been a struggle living with a boy who wants to gain 10lbs. I pretty much have zero self control, so when he wants a ciao bella ice cream sandwich (key lime pie gelato filling with graham cracker cookie outside), I have to join in on the fun. I will resist and eat only half, which I suppose is better than eating an entire one everyday? I could not make the pint of ice cream (that I eat in addition to the ice cream sandwiches….) last more than 2 servings though, though it supposedly has 3.5 tiny tiny servings in it. I tried measuring it out but 1/2 cup of ice cream, oh my god, is literally just a fucking tease. Am I really only supposed to have two spoonfuls of creamy deliciousness at a time? Ridiculous.

My 10K training hasn’t gone as planned either. I can’t give up my precious strength training and the thought of running 2 miles before lifting for an hour makes me just skip the running – I can’t get up that early. Running 2 miles after lifting is not even an option. Those days that the prescribed run + strength is on the schedule I just pretend my walk home is the run, and I just ran really really slowly, which sometimes isn’t an exaggeration. I’ve managed up until this week to get 3 solid days of cardio activities in though – usually running once in the morning before work, a long run on Saturdays, and a quick interval stairclimber/sprints/row session in before work as well. Couldn’t bring myself to do it this week, due to various reasons, mainly the fact that my bed is amazing. Also I suddenly encountered back pain that almost brought me to tears.

I loathe to take extra rest days (due to my food consumption, rage issues, among other things), but it is probably good that I’m too busy this weekend to workout much. Besides the mysterious back pain which I cannot ascribe to one thing for certain, my hip flexors are not happy with me. I always push through the discomfort because fuck that, it’s not stopping me, and choose to run or lift an extra 5 min than stretch properly (I do stretch but definitely not enough).

Hip Flexors

I’m not entirely sure what part of my hip flexors hurt the most – my best guess is the pectineus? Whatever it is, it hurts when I squat, lunge, or generally bend from the hip with too much weight. Reluctantly, I’ve made an appointment to see a doctor specializing in sports medicine to figure out what’s going on (hello injury prevention) before I really get hurt and need to take serious time off. Hopefully I can learn some mobility workouts or stretches for my aching body parts and can carry on!


One thought on “Forced Rest

  1. You might just be overworking your muscles. It might be a good idea to take a couple rest days every week… I tend to do the same thing, I eat something unhealthy, then feel guilty, then I workout harder, then I’m overly exhausted!

    Hope your injury goes away!
    Happy dieting 🙂

    -Natures Complete-

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