Feeling Like a Quiet Rawrr

Good news and bad news.

Back pain ended up not being muscular skeletal (yay!) and only a rogue kidney infection, which is terrible and being on antibiotics for so long is never enjoyable, but it is preferable to being injured since the pain went away once I started taking the pills.

Hip flexor pain isn’t going away. I made an appointment with a sports medicine professional which turned out to be a disaster! Not only did I wait for over an hour for my appointment, but I was also asked to do X-rays before any medical professional even spoke to me – when I politely refused and asked to see the doctor first, the doctor himself called me uncooperative for refusing it and said he could not diagnose me without X-rays. I’m not one to subject my body to unnecessary radiation, or to pay exorbitant fees to get procedures I don’t need, so I gently directed him to the location of my pain. He offered zero advice besides a prescription for anti-inflammatory pills and directions to completely cut out physical activity and go to physical therapy. That’s it. And he had the audacity to ask me what I think caused it? I don’t even know what part of my hip flexor it is, and was hoping you could tell me. I guess he was angry that I didn’t do the X-rays and earn him some big bucks.

I doubt I could ever completely cut out physical activity, though accidentally out of sheer tiredness, I took a week off lifting since the heavy legs have been contributing to most of my hip pain. I did crush 40 minutes of spr-intervals (sprint intervals, those words are begging to be combined) on the stairclimber last Tuesday, and an easy 6 mile sunrise run Thursday morning. Glorious. The fall weather has been gorgeous and agreeable to my running.

My return to regular programming started after that, with a lifting session (light on legs) Friday and Sunday, and a surprisingly sweaty 4 miler on Saturday – trying not to increase my mileage too quickly or unsafely. I finally did yoga again this morning, a painful 25 minutes of forced stretching in which I realized that I need to do more than my usual 5 minutes of stretching and foam rolling at the gym after lifting. I never have time to stretch after my morning runs, oops.

I love the website doyogawithme.com which has free yoga videos of all levels and lengths – some of them (back when I was doing yoga pretty regularly) are really really tough and leave you sore and sweaty. I’m going back to basics though, genetic Asian flexibility only goes so far and mobility work/yoga is great for injury prevention. I even have a yoga mat now (though I am too lazy to use it some times ha!).

I really don’t mean to obsess over my workouts and want to do what makes my body feel strong and beautiful – it’s a slippery slope when I think it’s the only thing I can control in my life. It does bring me immense joy, so it should not simultaneously cause me grief and agitation (trust me, enough things in my life cause me stress, don’t need another one). I’m also trying a new thing: positivity. Instead of ranting about how awful my day was and letting that negativity seep into my very essence of being, I will focus on the positive, however hard it is to find.


Positive thought for the day: changes happen only when you work for them and things might be in the works for me!


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