Fall activities: Hiking

On Columbus Day (boy we’re going back in time here) I was fortunate enough to have the day off and my boyfriend was able to “work” from home. Well he did work part of the day and evening, but we had plans to go hiking in Great Falls first. He, and everyone else, was shocked that a professed outdoors hating, tree, dirt, and animal fearing, anti camper like me would suggest such an activity. To be honest, I love nature – I think the material world is jaw-droppingly beautiful. I just don’t like to be in it. Nonetheless, hiking in the crisp fall day seemed like the perfect active couples activity.

We drove out to the Maryland side of Great Falls with the intention of hiking along the C&O towpath for a couple of hours before heading home. I had never been before, despite it only being a quick 30-40 minute drive from the city.


Great Falls


Other side of the falls.

Our first stop was the overlook for the falls where we had perfect autumn views of the water. One of the most beautiful times of the year is when the leaves begin to turn red and orange.


Perfect fall scenery

We’re going slowly and I’m feeling impressed with myself that I had not hurt myself yet (praying that I would not have to be helicoptered out of there), when we encounter a literal rock wall to overcome.


The wall, with brave(r) souls climbing it.

I managed to scoot my butt to the top and was about done with the whole hiking business.


The boyfriend climbing up the wall after me.

The views were gorgeous though.


Fall views


Creeping on the boyfriend leading the way

Overall, I am so happy that I went out of my comfort zone and suggested going on this hike – definitely something I would continue to do during the fall and winter. Sorry spring/summer, it is just too hot, humid, and buggy down here to participate. It was a gorgeous way to stay active, while not working out. We both sit at a desk all day at work usually and barely walk a few blocks to grab lunch (I walk home from the office which still isn’t enough), so it was refreshing to spend all morning outside and active.


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