First: Double digit mileage

My 10K partner in crime and I decided to try to run the official course on Saturday – I made the mistake of entrusting her with the directions. Since on the day of the race, 14th street bridge is closed for runners, and usually it is a busy highway, we were unable to run the exact course. We also made other modifications which in turn made our run, just simply a long run day.

We ran and ran and ran, from my apartment to the national mall, from the mall over the bridge to Virginia, and then on the Mount Vernon trail. We’re running on the trail and I pass a familiar sight – Reagan airport. Are you kidding me?? It seems so far away on the metro, I was shocked as we ran past it. We weren’t ‘lost’ per se, but we definitely did not intend to run that far. My friend wanted to go into the airport to get water, but I was not feeling so hot. My knees and ankles started aching because my body was not used to running over 5-6 miles at a time. Finally, I convinced her to turn around and pursue water fountains on the mall. My knees were killing me though by the time we made it back to the mall. We got sweet, delicious, and much needed water, and headed off at a faster pace towards my apartment.

Ninety minutes later, we were back home and surprisingly, I felt great, minus the knees and ankles. We stretched and mapped out the run – a little bit over 10 miles at an easy 9 min/mile pace. My knees hurt for the rest of the weekend though, and I don’t see any more 10 mile runs in my future, not until I safely increase my mileage to that.




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