Fitness: Equipment faves (and newbies)

I’m a pretty simple person when it comes to fitness gear – I have a pile of soft and worn free t-shirts from my high school and college days, and sadly (or disgustingly) very few bottoms to go with it. A few pairs of booty shorts that I now prefer over baggier athletic shorts, one pair of capri pants that I wear way too many times before washing, two pairs of outdoor running tights, a pair of yoga pants, and a pair of warm-ups that I wear over the booty shorts. Let’s not even get started on my pathetic excuses for sports bras – I can only use one of them when I run because even my non-significant boobs bounce too much in the others!

A very small collection of mediocre (at best) workout clothes indeed – mostly purchased on the cheap at Marshall’s or  TJ Maxx. I’d love to expand into enough workout clothes to cover my activity level – so at least a clean outfit for 5-6 days a week – that’s probably normal. You’ll laugh, but it took me over a year to buy some socks so I could stop stealing my boyfriend’s (which are too big for me).

Recently though, I gained a few integral “fitness” pieces, some which I am obsessed with and use on a daily basis, and others which I have yet to try out (but already love).

  • iPod nano – so I have an iPod touch which I had been carrying on runs but it was hard to pick the music I wanted. I can clip my nano onto my waistband and have both hands free. Also I can change the music using the Apple headphones. I can’t workout or run without music!

I’m sure you know what an iPod nano looks like. I got this one because for free because they recalled the original nano from like 2005 and I happened to have kept my original one. Yay free.

  • Camelback eddy water bottle – I am constantly thirsty and always drinking water all day, probably up to a gallon of the good stuff. Clearly I had no idea what I was doing since I was just reusing a plastic water bottle for months and months on end (cue the lectures now), and finally upgraded to a big girl sippy cup. I’m obsessed with it.

750ml because I already refill this thing enough times a day, couldn’t have gotten a smaller one. The liter sized ones are ridiculous. I also love green.

  • Reebok Realflex shoes – as I alternate between lifting and running, I needed shoes that could be used for both. I don’t run very long distances and I’m not a pro power-lifter (despite my best efforts), and being frugal, I did not want super specialized shoes for both. Usually I just bought whatever athletic shoes were in my size at discount stores but I shelled out for some Reebok Realflex shoes and love them for both running and lifting.

Realflex Run shoes. It’s fun to pick the rocks out of the bottoms too.

  • New Balance Minimus Zero – despite destroying my calves the first time I wore these expensive minimalist zero-drop shoes (my boyfriend and I bought matching pairs, which neither of us use very frequently oops), I feel like I’d love them if I properly built up the endurance and distance. Instead of stupidly running 4 miles the first time ever wearing them. Yeah. That was painful.

Sadly these only came in this color scheme at Georgetown Running Co. Disappointing I could not continue the green equipment trend.

  • Nathan Shadow Pak Runners Pack – this I haven’t used yet, as my boyfriend kindly purchased it for me as a surprise before I announced (after a dreadful run) that I was taking a hiatus from running. I’m also super happy he made the decision for me, since there are so many running belt options out there! The hiatus is no longer, though from when I received it until now, I have not gone on a run yet. But now I can bring my phone and keys on runs with me – usually I’ve been tying my keys to my wrist with an old stringy hair-tie.

In green, naturally.

  • ASICS Thermopolis LT Headband – another unused gift from my boyfriend. Before people go around thinking I’m a terrible, ungrateful person, I was gifted these only a few days ago and have not gone on outdoor runs yet! I needed a headband for a while, as my thrifty (but very creative) self had been using an old “headband” I fashioned out of the glittery waistband of some underpants. This is snug and warm my ears while simultaneously can keep the sweat from dripping into my eyes!

In black, so I don’t look like a complete crazy mess when I’m seen in public.

  • Harbinger Lifting Gloves – I know that some schools of thought hate on using gloves to lift, but I like them. They provide cushioning and protect my hands from the more textured weights. That way the pain of blistering my hands doesn’t interfere with the actual lift. These are also thin enough that it doesn’t affect my grip.

Basic lifting gloves. In black. Sadly.

So none of it is fancy, but it all works for me.


One thought on “Fitness: Equipment faves (and newbies)

  1. I love the green theme! green and orange are my favs and its annoys me how much running stuff for women is pink! I’m also a keen user of weight lifting gloves – ladies shouldn’t have rough blistered hands 🙂

    Keep at it x

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