Food First: What I Ate Wednesday

So after reading everyone else’s posts every Wednesday about all their eats, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do my first WIAW. It’s a particularly good week to start because I’ve had some great home cooked eats (that I actually documented with my trusty iPhone camera).

Breakfast of champions was a few pieces of chocolate leftover from a pinata my boyfriend bought for me to destroy in the courtyard of our apartment building for my birthday. Adorable, and filled with at least 6 bags of different candies – skittles, Reese’s, two types of mini snickers, kit kats, and hershey’s kisses. Neither of us have huge sweet teeth (him more so than me even) and he promised to bring the candy to his sugar-addicted co-workers. Well four days later, the candy is still in our apartment (!) and it just happened to be one of those days where I just wanted to sit in fuzzy pj’s on the couch wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and eat chocolate until it came out of my ears. I restrained myself to three pieces with the promise of a hearty lunch/brunch.

I love breakfast foods. Or more precisely, brunch foods. We have cereal in our apartment but it’s usually something along the lines of Cinnamon Toast Crunch since I let my boyfriend pick out his faves – that usually means something along the lines of what a six year old would enjoy. I cooked up a twist on my favorite of over-easy eggs and bacon. I needed something heartier to fuel my workout (I’ve been eating lunch/brunch early so I can digest and go work out early in the afternoon) and topped a piece of whole wheat bread with some salad greens. The eggs (topped with blue cheese) went on top and bacon on the side. Warm, gooey and delicious!


Two over medium eggs topped with blue cheese crumbles cooked in bacon fat, bacon, whole wheat bread with salad on top.


Look at that yolk!


So good.

Post-workout (the usual full body weights routine of 2 exercises each for chest, back, shoulders, legs sprinkled with some abs and other randomness) is a protein shake. We’ve been out of protein powder for so long but finally restocked with this:

ON Pro Complex in Vanilla. Mixed with a bit of light vanilla soy milk and water. Result looked like regular protein shake.

As the weather has finally cooled down, I’ve been loving thick soups/stews – broccoli cheddar, deconstructed chicken pot pie, chicken tortilla, beef chili, creamy seafood, and this concoction – chicken corn chowder, served with crispy garlic bread. Usually I require two bowls of soup to fill me up, but one bowl of this was plenty!


Creamy corn and chicken chowder with carrots and onions.


Homemade garlic bread. So garlicky!

Dessert (or snack time) is a mini-cup of my favorite gelato – key lime pie. I cannot find this stuff anywhere though and I finished the last few bites when waiting for dinner to cook! The boy always has a pb&j (open-faced with a one-to-one ratio of peanut butter to bread), but he is trying to pack on some pounds. I apparently also eat everything and don’t save him enough! Oops.

Ciao bella key lime pie gelato! This stuff is hard to find.


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