Fitness First: 5K with my brother!

I first welcome myself to the 21st century with the purchase of my new Macbook Air! My old Dell from five years ago was slow and on its last legs but I couldn’t bring myself to buy a new laptop when my old one still functioned. The second I arrived home for Thanksgiving it decided to simultaneously never hold a charge again and be very particular about the angle at which the charger was inserted. I had to say goodbye.

Being home for the week and surrounded by pantries and fridges full of snacks (hello dark chocolate covered pomegranates and smoked salmon), delicious home cooking by my grandmother and mother, and parties with family friends and relatives focused on pigging out has been hard. In an effort to promote healthy eating and exercise amongst my thin but secretly unhealthy folks I signed my little brother and I up for a local turkey trot. I’ve also been cooking healthier breakfasts and lunches for whoever will eat them, such as egg and veggie scrambles and baked salmon instead of the sweet bread and carb laden meals they usually eat.¬†Typically nobody is up until lunchtime and then the rest of the day is spent eating, napping on the couch, and more eating. I convinced my 13 year old brother (not an easy feat) to get up early and run a 5K with me, promising him feasting and napping later.


I promise he was happy about this

He’s 13 so his default facial expression is one of complete pain and misery – he chose to come to the race with me, and definitely was not dragged there despite what his face says! The race was local, well-organized, and about 800-1000 participants. We were able to register the morning of and duck inside the church which was sponsoring it for warmth before the race. I had not “raced” (I say that loosely because I am slow) a 5K since my first one last November. It was only around 300 people and I remember being freezing and overdressed at the same time, starting out too fast, and floundering. I ran with my boyfriend, and was a huge baby about it. We finished in about 27:30, exact time forgotten. I remember my 5K split during my recent 10K was about 25:XX, and seeing as I have not been running consistently since then, was aiming for that pace.


Registration/finish area

My enormous baby brother (seriously cannot believe he is so much taller than me now!) and I stuck together for about the first 2 miles. The course was deceptively easy, with the first 1.5 miles seemingly entirely downhill, and then the rest entirely uphill. I somehow missed the 2mile marker and had a slight feeling of panic and I was unsure if I could maintain the pace for too much longer. I let my brother zip off ahead of me and pushed through until the end, even trying to race a woman at the finish (she beat me…).


Yay we finished! Now time for food!

So proud of my baby brother! He said he really wanted to stop and walk towards the end but a sweet woman running beside him encouraged him to keep on going. Aww.

The race did use chip timing but the results are not live yet, so I can only give estimates. I think he ran a 24:40 ish and I ran a 25:30 ish. Met my goal and got a good sweat on with my brother.

PS: I wish I were faster, but then again, who doesn’t????


Celebratory hot pot meal – non traditional Thanksgiving but I guess it’s because we’re Asian??

We had some friends over for hot pot because why not – a healthy, delicious, and interactive way to celebrate Thanksgiving! The best thing we ate was fresh sliced lamb and spinach, cooked in the spicy hot pot broth and dipped in a spicy peanut sauce.

Other than our local 5K I’ve been keeping active despite having access to only the neighborhood roads to run on, a set of 10lb dumbbells, and a yoga mat. I’ve actually woken up sore a few days this week from impromptu HIIT workouts that I’ve come up with on the spot, and too many chaturanga push-ups during yoga.

I hope everyone else had happy and healthy holidays with the people they love! What was the best thing you ate over Thanksgiving?


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