First: Sweat Pink Ambassador

I know I’m a totally newbie blogger but I recently applied to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador and was accepted!


I love the idea of being part of a diverse community of like-minded, supportive, and active individuals – the pursuit of that is what brought me to start blogging in the first place. I still have a ton to learn about blogging, and even about myself, but I hope and think that I am going on the right track. I am inspired by the story of the ladies behind Fit Approach, FitFluential, and everyone else who figured out how to create a life and career revolving around their passions, whatever those may be.


I’ve always struggled with a sense of self, and sometimes regret not following or discovering my passions earlier – then I realize that I’m still in my 20s and it’s okay to not know what I want to do in life yet, despite what external pressures want. I have friends who are happy and love what they are doing right out of college; and I have others like me who struggle with balancing passions and a desk job that just doesn’t cut it. I’m finally accepting of the fact that I love fitness and healthy living – I talk about it all the time in real life, I blog about the parts I talk about already and the parts that I feel weird sharing out loud. I love teaching and mentoring, despite being in my 20s and having few years of real life experience, I think I have a unique story to tell and a distinct voice.


This blog post is going all over the place, but today has been full of soul-searching so to speak. I had applied for a job at Lululemon (love their brand, corporate philosophy, and community involvement), and the manager interviewing me today loved her career in retail. I love building relationships with all types of people, whether we have something immediately in common or not. I’ve overcome my social anxiety (thank god), and gotten over the fact that I’m never going to be anyone but my own awkward self. I felt so drawn to the idea of being able to share ideas and learn new practices on a daily basis with an ever changing group of like-minded, smart, and passionate people. I want that in my own career – working a desk job has become so detached from human interaction (not just my own desk job experiences), and removed from any sort of physical activity or even mental stimulation at times.

Call me whatever you want. I’ve heard it all when I first told the people closest to me that I wasn’t feeling the type-A personality brutal climb to the top of the corporate ladder. They resigned me to being lazy or unambitious – what is lazy and unambitious about wanting to find balance between work and life? Between duty and passions? I’m actually the one taking a risk here – I congratulate everyone who is happy with where they are, I really do. I want that too. But the path for me is harder. I don’t accept mediocrity in other aspects of my life, why should I accept mediocre levels of happiness and satisfaction?

Umm…that was a slight tangentially related detour! We’ll be back to regular programming soon.



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