Food: WIAW

So I loved doing this so much the last time that I’m going to keep doing it! I’ve been playing the part as the meal-planning, grocery-shopping girlfriend and actually enjoy doing it (probably because I’m opinionated and want to be in control, ha!).

Let’s back up to dinner.

Somedays after work we like making elaborate meals to show off our culinary prowess to the other – sadly I have about three knockout recipes up my sleeve and having lived together for 9 months now (!), those have been used so many times. A simple favorite and moderately balanced meal for us is to grill up a piece of protein and roast some veggies.


That is grilled lamb with balsamic glazed carrots. I love lamb and don’t utilize it nearly enough! We rotate through our favorite combinations of chicken, steak, tofu, shrimp and a variety of roast-able veggies – while it offers variety, it does get boring eventually.

I had the genius idea of making quesadillas last night for dinner. Grilled buffalo marinated chicken stuffed with tomatoes and cheese in a hearty wrap. I always spend 20 minutes in the grocery store picking out ingredients like wraps! I always want the ones with the best stats and which taste like real food.


Leftover buffalo chicken was combined with eggs, tomatoes, and cheese to be used by me in a giant breakfast burrito. Ummm…I am still so full from this. What is wrong with me? I used to be the girl who could easily crush more than one Chipotle burrito at a time – I even did a 2 pound burrito eating challenge at my office and finished second (and ate some brownies afterwards…and dinner). My appetite used to be ferocious and impossible to tame – I could eat and eat and eat. Now I’m defeated after a measly breakfast burrito??

Unrolled – look at the mountain of filling!!

Defeated me 😦

I used to be in a relationship with a guy who was very very unhealthy. He was before we met, and by the end of our tumultuous relationship, had gained quite a noticeable bit of weight (my friends would comment). We weren’t living in the same city, and every time he would come visit me, it would be a whirlwind of binge eating and partying. A typical day would be eating cold pizza (purchased drunkenly in the wee hours stumbling home), then burgers for lunch (he was obsessed with burgers), a couple burgers and fries for a snack, ice cream or a milkshake, more burgers for dinner with beer (sometimes ordering enough food for four), and then drinks and more drinks at a bar/club. Once I literally gained 10 pounds after a week of his visiting.

I’m so thankful that I am both in a healthier relationship now with my current boy, and with my body. No one forced me to devour as much food as him but I got caught up in all of it and fell into the most unhealthy period of my life. I am so much more stable now and happier from it. I’m cooking more, and getting better and eating delicious things.

I hope I digest this burrito in time to go on a run (and use my new running gear!) later today!!


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