Food: WIAW Eating (Pigging) Out Edition

Well I was going to post about the deliciousness I’ve eaten (out) in the past few days – but it doesn’t really fall under healthy holiday recipes, since none of it was healthy and none of it was cooked by me. So I’m just going to use this old badge and be like, yeah it’s totally still fall, in fact it was like 70 degrees for the past few days around here.

I need to eat meat everyday. Not every meal (though preferably lunch and dinner please), and while out and about and wanting to buy a snack, I always lament the lack of meat snack shops. I’m a naturally super hyper person – I remember the last time I drank about 1/3 cup of coffee I ended up laughing until I cried at a meeting at work (NOBODY ELSE WAS LAUGHING). Sugar has the same effect on me, so when I do bake or buy sweet treats it’s always just for my boyfriend to devour and me to bask in the happiness of other people eating!

One of my favorite meat fixes is going to Korean BBQ. I don’t do it nearly frequently enough, partially because it involves a drive, and partially because it’s a salt bomb. Seriously, this was two days ago and I’m still dehydrated. So worth it.

Bulgogi and boneless ribs cooking

Bulgogi, boneless ribs, and my personal fave, spicy pork belly

I’m not Korean, so I guess that’s my excuse for getting the same things every time I go to Korean BBQ! Also these three choices are universally adored even if one is a picky eater. We brought a vegetarian here once after clubbing, even he enjoyed the food (bibimbap with no meat), but the sight of raw slabs of oh-so-delicious meat grilling creeped him out. Anyway, the thinly sliced bulgogi has an amazing marinade on it and you have to gobble it up fast before it over cooks. Along with the mini hunks of steak (boneless ribs), it’s dipped in an indescribable sauce that’s zesty, sweet, and savory at the same time. And the spicy pork belly, oh my, it just sizzles in the spicy sauce and all the fat becomes melt in your mouth ecstasy. God I’m hungry again.

Ban chan and side salad you eat while drooling over and waiting for the meat to cook

Since we’re all about balance, they do give you salad to eat while waiting for the meat to cook, and a variety of ban chan, and lettuce leaves to wrap the meat in. And rice. And steamed egg. And tofu jigae. Even the fermented soy paste and dipping sauces are perfect, probably because they are super salty. It was all so so good – stuffed and reeking of grilled meats, we were happy.

As if that wasn’t enough gluttony (no never), I had the pleasure of eating Italian food for the first time since I was in Italy 7 months ago. My boyfriend is half Italian and there are restaurants owned by family and is very critical of Italian food (as he should be). So we don’t eat Italian, and definitely not in DC, which is like disappointing. I’ve been to the expensive and famous Italian eateries – looking at you Cafe Milano and Acqua al Due and the Hamilton – and it’s all been like a shitton of pasta with like four sad pieces of shrimp or sausage in it. Don’t say I don’t know how to order Italian food either – people seem to think its just omg stuff your face with pasta. No. I hated pasta and Italian was low on my favorite cuisines list until I went to Italy and tasted real fucking Italian food. People here don’t know what they’re doing. End rant.

So I met up with a friend and we went to a new to me Italian restaurant tucked away between Logan circle and Mount Vernon. It was not the right neighborhood for delicious Italian food, as we were heckled and harassed on the way there, but they got great reviews on Yelp and I wasn’t going to let some catcalling stop me from eating.

We started with riesling, obligatory bread and olive oil, and unpictured beef carpaccio. It was elegantly presented with noodles of fennel and sprinkling of parm, but the beef was not flavorful at all. Texture was great, but over-dressed with lemon-truffle dressing. I was getting hesitant about the main course.

Black Ink Taglierini with head-on shrimp, cherry tomatoes and spinach

This was my order, Black Ink Taglierini with head-on shrimp, cherry tomatoes and spinach. One of my favorite pastas is squid ink anything, it brings this great salty umami flavor. OMG THERE ARE MORE THAN 3 SHRIMP IN THIS. And head on, no other way to eat shrimp. It was delicious and there actually was a good ratio of cherry tomatoes and spinach to pasta in there.

Spinach Pappardelle with chicken, wild mushrooms and cream sauce

My friend ordered Spinach Pappardelle with chicken, wild mushrooms and cream sauce and since sharing is caring and that’s why you always order different things, I tried some. I hate mushrooms with a wild, nightmarish passion, but the handmade pasta was light and the cream sauce delicious. More wine was in order, and the service was perfect.

So if you’re ever in the DMV area and want legit Italian food, go to Tortino Restaurant.

This is just a week of unavoidable dinner obligations – like dinner/happy hour date with my boyfriend tonight who has been working late and I’ve been stuffing my face without him all week, and my grandmother’s 87th freaking birthday tomorrow night. I know everything will be delicious, and if there’s one thing I have ZERO SELF CONTROL or MODERATION over, it’s food. And that’s kind of my trademark – people know that if they want a recommendation for awesomely mouth watering food, I got the hook up, and if they want someone to pig out (and do eating contests) with, I’m their girl.


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