Fitness: Random Things

I’m so excited about these things and I’ve shared with my boyfriend who thinks it’s adorable I get excited about pushups but also is like “honestly, this girl has to make me watch every thing she does at the gym?????”, so I need to share somewhere else.

1) So I literally always sign up for the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile lottery (or miss the lottery date and grumble about it later), and I’ve never gotten into the race until now! So April 2013 I will be running the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile race – I should probably start building up mileage now. And buy new sneakers – I’m ashamed to say that I use mine for both running and lifting and have had them for over a year! And they aren’t really running shoes, yikes. No wonder my knees hurt, I’m terrible.

2) Pull-ups. They have haunted my dreams for the entire year (ish) I’ve been lifting and recently I’ve been able to do like 2 of them in a row. And 5 chin-ups in a row. Excuse me if you’ve heard all this before I’M JUST THAT EXCITED.

3) Push-ups. I’ve always been able to do like 10 push-ups in a row (well what I thought were decent push-ups), BUT recently I’ve been doing legit chest-to-the-effing-floor push-ups. It feels so weird like my elbows were unable to bend past 90 degrees before but now it’s like bam bam bam push it out. I credit these push-ups the boy told me to do, where one hand was propped up on a dumbbell or medicine ball and the other was on the floor. I did these probably 3 sets of 10 (5 on each arm) about 3-4 times and like magic, chest to floor push-ups.

Like this, but usually I used a dumbbell so my hand was higher up.

4) Power cleans. I’m kind of obsessed with them. I love the clanging sound the weights make when I clean the barbell up to my shoulders. I also feel badass doing power cleans in a weight room full of men doing bicep curls and quarter squats. Speaking of which, I was asked by a gentleman “yo watch me squat 3 plates” while he proceeded to move his knees about 2 inches. Not sure if he was trying to impress me or be facetious.

5) Pushing myself on weights. I was too ambitious when I started lifting and suffered a little bit of bad form on my squats, and had no idea how to even deadlift, so I had been slowly deloading and easing the weights back on. But it has been a little too slow, as I have been upping my weights faster now and pushing myself. Added 5 lbs on bench when I’d been stuck at the same weight for literally 8 months. I was too scared to increase it, and I had been focusing on pushing the bar lower to my chest. I’ve been deadlifting now, and started at a respectable weight but I’m excited to push the lift further and further. I love squats but it has been the lift that has troubled me the most actually! Between trying to squat low enough and not have my knees collapse inwards the progress has been slow. Shockingly my push press has been going up fast and my shoulders started out so incredibly weak (like can barely press 5 lb dumbbells weak). I have been rocking my rows as I want those pull-ups so badly!

Enough of an update on my workouts. I’m happy with them and I feel badass, which is one of the reasons I push myself at the gym!


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