Food: Delicious things I’ve cooked recently

As the stay-at-home-girlfriend for the time being, grocery shopping and meal planning is 90% my domain. We’re on a budget for the first time, and though it is very generous because we love food and eat a lot, we are trying to cook more frequently than we used to. Weekends and maybe once a weeknight we’ll eat out – since we love trying new restaurants and new foods and there are limitations to our culinary skills ha! We do have a rotation of favorite meals and quick things to whip up on exhausted days, but I love reading recipes and coming up with healthy dinner ideas for the two of us. I do not like eating the same thing every night! I want my food to be nutritious and delicious – and not super expensive. While I will pay for quality, and I am far from a couponing goddess, I do like getting deals at my local overpriced-because-it’s-downtown grocery store.

On to the eats!

Leek and bacon quiche – this was so easy and delicious that we made a smoked salmon and asparagus quiche the following day!


Store bought crust though 😦

Spaghetti squash with homemade pesto and handmade meatballs – first time using spaghetti squash – verdict? Would use again.


Thank you boyfriend who makes amazing Italian food for the pesto and meatballs!

Linguine vongole – fresh clams from the seafood market and healthy weird whole grain high protein omega 3 spaghetti.


Steaming open the clams


So simple – white wine + garlic, so delicious. Also you can see the pasta to clam ratio is highly skewed towards the clams. This is why I hate Italian restaurants that skimp out on the non-pasta part of the meal. /End rant

Braised oxtail stew with tomatoes and potatoes – I tried to mimic my mother’s recipe but didn’t get the texture right – flavors were spot on though!


The boy did not enjoy this…

Shepard’s pie with ground lamb and mashed butternut squash (instead of mashed potato topping) – gravy on the side cancels out the health factor I guess haha.



The lamb gravy was SO good. I could’ve just eaten the gravy like a stew.

We’re also trying to be mindful of portion sizes – I’m the main culprit as I usually will have seconds…we do cook a lot of food at a time and it should in theory last us more meals than it actually does! Oops. What can I say, we’re two young, 20-something, and highly active foodies. Who don’t own a proper camera and don’t know anything about food photography/presentation.

Stay hungry!


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