FAIL: Treadmill incident

So I realized I needed to start training for this 10 miler early April, and that sitting on my butt all day on non-lifting days was not helping. I am a complete baby when it comes to running in this weather though – I’m okay with just low temps (that’s why I invested in winter running gear), but the wind! Today is supposed to be mid-30s but with gusts reaching 25mph, it feels like low to mid-20s. NO THANKS.

I decide to ease my way into running as I’m unsure if I can even run my usual 4.5 mile or 6 mile loops (PS does anyone know why it takes months to build up running endurance but what seems to be mere days to lose it all?? Ridic). There are treadmills in my building and I figure doing some sprints is better than nothing. Warm up and first 7 sprints go perfectly uneventful (besides being dreadfully boring). As I’m looking forward to finishing the speed springs and move onto a few hill sprints, OH GUESS WHAT?? I fall off the goddamn treadmill. Well, I was easing my way off to sides to take my minute of wheezing and catching my breath when I miss the ledge with my right foot. I’m clinging onto the rails and my legs are destroyed by the treadmill strip ripping them up at 11mph. OK TAKE THAT SKIN I DIDN’T NEED IT TREADMILL.

I feel like if I was not holding onto the railing I would have just been thrown off the machine and a little bruised via the fall, but holding on meant I was stuck there as the treadmill tape ripped up my legs over and over again until I could pull myself up and off.





Those are after cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and putting neosporin on them – and yes, cleaning them was a necessity as treadmills are cesspools of gross things, and double yes, that hurt like a bitch. Now they are pussing and I don’t know if I should be worried or if that’s a side reaction to cleaning them???

Well I officially hate the treadmill now for 1) being boring and 2) evil and pain inducing. Needless to say, it was a shitty workout and I’m just hoping it won’t affect my other workouts. I’m okay with being scarred and bruised – my legs are a veiny, scar-filled disaster anyway.

BOO, I’m so mad.


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