Naturally, “F” is my favorite letter in the alphabet – with the initials FF, and my obsessions of food, fashion, and fitness, how could it not be?

My friends know me as the girl who eats an insane amount of food (preferably meat), but is also dedicated to dragging her ass out of bed before a long day at the office to get in a good workout (currently addicted to lifting heavy things). I am the go-to person for a good restaurant recommendation because I have never steered anyone wrong, and I critique every meal like I am a judge on Food Network. I am also always overdressed for work, at my jeans-and-a-t-shirt office, and like to stun people by wearing clothes I designed and sewed.

I’m terrified of leaving the early 20s age group, and do everything I can to thwart aging. Hello bathroom full of face products! I do not have a very good attention span for many things outside of my obsessions but I try. I’m looking for change and adventure, and decided to stop sitting on my ass and waiting for it to happen to me, but rather, take charge and just fucking do it.


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