Food: Delicious things I’ve cooked recently

As the stay-at-home-girlfriend for the time being, grocery shopping and meal planning is 90% my domain. We’re on a budget for the first time, and though it is very generous because we love food and eat a lot, we are trying to cook more frequently than we used to. Weekends and maybe once a weeknight […]

FIghting with myself

I haven’t posted in a while. Holidays are hard for me. The copious time spent with family, away from routine; the food, all the deliciousness I want to ingest; the cheer that is required of me, that I simply cannot muster at times. Due to my uncertain situation right now, with the lack of employment […]

Fitness: Before & After Pics

I’m usually extremely hard on myself at the gym – to the point where it is borderline counterproductive. When I first started lifting as my main workout lover October/November 2011 I had no gym membership. I was staying over my boyfriend’s apartment frequently so used the weights in his building’s gym. As I was pretty […]

Food: Slightly healthier buffalo wings

This is one of my all-time favorite “junk foods”. I have to put that in quotes because I believe wings are part of a balanced diet, but I love to eat so many things (food makes me so happy) that there’s a need to categorize favorites. In any case, my boyfriend makes some amazing, slightly […]

Forced Rest

So I haven’t posted in over a week because frankly, I haven’t been keeping up with either of my self mandated goals. Snack-free-September turned into snack-a-little-less-September to just-don’t-eat-everything-oh-god-please-September. Even that last desperate cry has been a struggle living with a boy who wants to gain 10lbs. I pretty much have zero self control, so when […]