Feeling tired of my workout routine

I went to a group fitness class (that was not yoga) for the first time in a few years, and was unsure how I felt about it. I went after doing my own weights workout, since I didn’t trust the class to accomplish my goals. I usually lift full-body heavy weights 5×5 – so the […]

Feeling Like a Quiet Rawrr

Good news and bad news. Back pain ended up not being muscular skeletal (yay!) and only a rogue kidney infection, which is terrible and being on antibiotics for so long is never enjoyable, but it is preferable to being injured since the pain went away once I started taking the pills. Hip flexor pain isn’t […]

Forced Rest

So I haven’t posted in over a week because frankly, I haven’t been keeping up with either of my self mandated goals. Snack-free-September turned into snack-a-little-less-September to just-don’t-eat-everything-oh-god-please-September. Even that last desperate cry has been a struggle living with a boy who wants to gain 10lbs. I pretty much have zero self control, so when […]

Focus on 10K training!

An old friend and I are running the Marine Corps Marathon 10K on October 28th to join in the festivities, as the course finishes in parallel with the marathon course. This is the longest distance I have ‘raced’, and only my third road race – the first being a 5K last November, followed with an […]