FIghting with myself

I haven’t posted in a while. Holidays are hard for me. The copious time spent with family, away from routine; the food, all the deliciousness I want to ingest; the cheer that is required of me, that I simply cannot muster at times. Due to my uncertain situation right now, with the lack of employment […]

The Other “F” Word: Failure

This post is more a rambling for my own sanity. I’ve hit some testing times in my life and while it’s irrelevant for the purposes of this blog, nobody’s life is all cookies and rainbows all the time, and this has kind of dampened my spirit for quite a bit now. I’m not quite a […]

Feeling Like a Quiet Rawrr

Good news and bad news. Back pain ended up not being muscular skeletal (yay!) and only a rogue kidney infection, which is terrible and being on antibiotics for so long is never enjoyable, but it is preferable to being injured since the pain went away once I started taking the pills. Hip flexor pain isn’t […]